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Be Suspicious


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  • Any change in behavior, attitude, mood, anger, drop in grades, sullenness, sudden outbreak of anger towards a parent they love – are all signs that your child is telling you something is going on. Be suspicious.

  • If there is ever any unexplained blood in the underwear, or any other secretion, be suspicious.

  • Children who are running with the wrong crowd, using alcohol, acting out in school, becomes withdrawn, or has a sudden behavior from a sweet to an angry child, OR angry to sweet child – be suspicious (children who are good students can also be victims of sexual abuse). Be suspicious.

  • Be aware if someone is very charismatic around your children and appears to want to talk to them

a lot; especially if the person seems to want to play with the children more than engage with adults. Be suspicious.

  • Watch for adults who might give your children gifts, or want to take your kids to movies, or to the

park, etc., especially if it’s without your participation. Be suspicious.

  • It is not normal for an adult to ever want to isolate a child away from family, not withstanding, there are good uncles, aunts, and parents – but stay on guard anyway. Be suspicious.

  • KNOW YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS WELL…watch how they behave with children. Be suspicious.

  • Be suspicious of a husband, uncle, grandparent, neighbor, friend, friend of the family, daughter’s

boyfriend, in-law, etc. – anyone can molest a child. Watch your child carefully. Be suspicious.

  • Don’t be fearful; be wise. Be suspicious.


























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