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If You Suspect Sexual Abuse, Ask the Right Questions!


Unfortunately, in the 21st century we have to be very explicit when we are talking to our children about sexual abuse. Sometimes abuse continues because parents do not ask the right questions. Victims are eager to tell on their perpetrator, however; they need someone to help them with the correct terms or phrases. Here are some examples of how you can talk to your child about sexual abuse and ask the right questions.


  1. “Is someone touching/rubbing/fondling/kissing you on or in your vagina/penis or breasts?”


  1. “Does anyone make you do things that make you feel squeamish or uncomfortable?”


  1. “Has anyone ever told you to keep a secret from mommy/daddy?”


  1. “Has anyone ever threatened that if you told me something that they would harm/hurt you or me?”


  1. “Does your babysitter rub your vagina/penis/breast too long while s/he is bathing you? What do you consider too long? What does s/he do when bathing you?”


  1. “What happens when your grandfather is taking you to the bathroom?”


  1. “Why are you so afraid to go with Daddy to the store?”


  1. “Son, why don’t you want to go over your cousin’s house?”


  1. “What games do you play with your step-father while I am at work?”


  1. “Do you ever feel afraid when I am not around?”









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