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“I am a woman of faith, of great spiritual faith.  If I did not have my faith, I do not think I could have ever helped as many women and families as I have to overcomer the multi-tormenting, long-term effects of sexual abuse.  One by one, I have helped them speak up and separate themselves from the darkest hours of a human soul. I traveled deep into their childhoods – only stopping occasionally to weep for myself and weep for others. Some of my counselees held different spiritual beliefs than I. That never mattered to me, At times; I realized that I had to draw on my faith to carry us all. “

 In 1995, Dr. Kaye learned a few things about the horrors that accompany this god-awful crime. It literally robs its victims from their full potential. Sexual abuse shows no prejudice to sex, race, creed, education, culture, religion, social status, location, home, family, neighborhood or nation.  Since then, Dr. Kaye started working with victims of childhood sexual; men, women, and children on a daily basis

In 2008 – Dr. Kaye began a support group for women who were sexually abused in their childhood. Meetings were held once a week for three years. Dr. Kaye dedicated her life to walking in the trenches with other women, helping them to reclaim their lives from the trauma and control their sexual abuse.

Because of the overwhelming need for healing from sexual abuse, Dr. Kaye saw fit to pour her heart and vision into other men and women, teaching them to be a Master Facilitators of ReClaim Global. Dr. Kaye took what God “downloaded to her heart. “ and put it on paper for others to not only benefit from ReClaim  but become a part of the solution to this horrific epidemic – sexual abuse

While Dr. Kaye is no longer with us, her mark is truly felt on the lives she has touched.  Her vision to see millions healed from the trauma of sexual abuse continues to live strong. Her prayer for “No more – Silent Crimes, Silent Children” is being heard the world.

          06/06/1949 - 12/16/2018



“The fundamental mission of ReClaim is to prevent future childhood sexual abuse worldwide through education and other means, to educate mothers and parents about their legal and moral duties to protect their children from resident and non-resident perpetrators of childhood sexual abuse; to provide an answer and a cure for those who have been the victims of childhood sexual abuse; to influence people through education, so that properly informed people can take steps to ensure fair, equal stances on childhood sexual abuse; and to ensure that perpetrators pay for their crimes regardless of how long ago they were committed.”

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